Tuesday February 19th: Protest The Trumped-up Emergency Declaration

Now Added: Sign Suggestions


Please join us in Punta Gorda on Tuesday February 19th from 11:00 AM to noon to protest the Trumped-up national emergency.

We'll stand outside the Old Courthouse in Punta Gorda with signs protesting Trump's assault on the Constitution. His end-run around Congress to unilaterally grab money to build a wall popular only with his base is a grave danger to our democracy. 

The protest is sponsored by Englewood Indivisible and Indivisible Action Southwest Florida based in Punta Gorda.

The Old Courthouse is at 226 Taylor Street, Punta Gorda 33950. There is plenty of parking on the street -- and there are plenty of motorists passing by to see and honk agreement with our signs.

Sign Suggestions:

  • No Wall, No Way
  • Trump is the Emergency.
  • Fake national emergency
  • Real emergency Is Trump’s Ego!
  • Fake Emergency Fake concern Fake President (on 3 lines)
  • Trumped-up emergency takes $ from soldiers
  • Smart Border Security, Yes Medieval  Wall, No (on 2 lines)
  • There is no Emergency Only an ego crisis (on 2 lines)
  • Reagan in 1980: Open the border both ways
  • No Fake Emergency
  • Trumped-up Emergency
  • Carter's walls - not Trump's
  • "Build bridges, not walls" R. Reagan
  • "Mr. Trump, tear down that wall."

Come join the protest and show maximum opposition to Trump's attempted end-run around Congress -- and the Constitution.

Please note that this action will be law-abiding and non-violent.