Join Our Legislative Advocacy Team

Lobby the state legislature with Indivisibles


Englewood Indivisible is organizing a team to lobby the Florida State Legislature during the upcoming legislative session. 

Team members can determine their own level of involvement: phoning or emailing legislators from home, visiting state legislators' district offices, and/or participating in an overnight trip to meet with legislators in Tallahassee.

We will be coordinating with other Indivisible groups (10 are involved so far) and Unitarian Universalist Justice Florida, which has many years of experience in lobbying the state legislature and is graciously sharing its resources and experience with us.

You can view our legislative priorities in the "Englewood Indivisible Legislative Agenda" below. We will be supporting and opposing bills according to the agenda.

If you are interested in advocating for — and against — legislation during the upcoming legislative session, please sign up on the form below, selecting your preferred level of involvement. We'll email you links to the resources you'll need.


  • Englewood Indivisible Legislative Agenda