Display Signs With Us This Wednesday, January 16th

We'll stand at Gasparilla and SR 776 calling for reopening of government


Our popular sign displays are resuming! Starting on Wednesday, January 16th, we'll be holding signs on the third Wednesday of the month from 9:30 to 10:30 AM at varying locations. Our location this month will be at Gasparilla Road and State Road 776. At the moment, the plan is to bring signs calling for the reopening of the federal government.

Please bring signs calling on the Senate -- or our Senators -- to act to open the government. An example: "Senators: Open the Government."

If the government reopens before the 16th, we'll have signs demanding action on red tide. Please return to this site for updates.

At our November meeting we decided to vary the locations of our scheduled sign displays so that different drivers will see them. There was support for standing near the El Jobean bridge; Gasparilla and 776, where we'll be on Wednesday, is as close to the bridge as we could get and also have parking. There has also been support for Merchants Crossing.

In the run-up to the election, our "Ode To Red Tide" sign displays were very popular with members and the public and scored a lot of media coverage. This year, instead of asking motorists to vote, we'll ask them to call or write officials about particular issues.

In addition to our scheduled sign displays, we decided that every time there is a mass shooting, we will go out with signs about gun violence.