Sign Petitions To Members Of The New Congress -- Or Print And Circulate Them

Englewood Indivisible and Indivisible Action Southwest Florida launch petition drive following the 2018 election


Before the elections and politics fade from people's minds, we'll be asking them to sign petitions to tell their elected representatives what they want to see the new Congress do.

Our first three petitions are addressed to Congressman Greg Steube, the new representative for the 17th Congressional District. The three petitions call on Steube to support strong environmental laws and funding for red tide, to support common-sense legislation on gun violence, and to tell President Trump to stop calling the news media "the enemy of the people." 

Steube is a Republican and thus in the minority in the House. Nevertheless, we want to show him how many people in our community support common sense gun legislation, strong environmental laws, and an end to Trump's demonization of the news media.

Indivisible Action Southwest Florida and Englewood Indivisible will be collecting signatures on the petitions at their events in Charlotte and Sarasota counties. 

You can sign the petitions right here. And you can also download them as PDFs to circulate them. (Scroll down past the online petitions.)

Petition on Red Tide and The Environment

Petition on Common-sense Gun Legislation

Petition On Not Calling News Media "Enemy Of The People"

Print and Circulate the Petitions

Please scan and return completed petitions to You can also return them to Indivisible Action Southwest Florida or Englewood Indivisible at meetings, coffee hours, happy hours, and the Englewood Farmers Market on Thursdays.

  • Document Title: Download Petition to Rep. Steube on Red Tide

  • Document Title: Download Petition to Rep. Steube on Common-sense Gun Legislation

  • Document Title: Download Petition to Rep. Steube on the Free Press