How Much Can We Do In These Last Days Before the Election?

Englewood Indivisible's table at the Englewood East Library
Englewood Indivisible's table at the Englewood East Library

What will you do to ensure the blue wave?


Early voting totals in our area are impressive. An official at the Charlotte County Annex where we are greeting voters said the turnout has been record-breaking for a mid-term election. But if you share our urgency that more should be done to ensure those increased votes are not for Trump's favored candidates, we have a range of opportunities for you to help secure a blue tsunami of votes for our candidates and our future.

Greet voters as they arrive for early voting

Englewood Indivisible has taken responsibility for greeting early voters at the Charlotte County Annex on San Casa Drive. We will be there through Sunday November 4th between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM, so there are many shifts to fill. 

Greeters working in pairs sit under an umbrella in the parking lot of the Charlotte County Annex building, display candidate signs and hand voters candidate information as they arrive to vote.

Will you please help? Send us an email at and we'll send you the available shifts you can choose from to greet early voters.

Phone bank from home

Call local voters who have not yet voted and encourage them to vote — and vote blue.

Follow this link to a simple calling app with a script that you can modify to mention local candidates. 

Note that this phone bank includes Republicans and NPAs. Please see these instructions for when to (and when not to) engage the Republicans.

Contact voters in public

We set up a small table outside the Englewood East Library and hand out candidate literature and our own flyers. You can come sit with us on Saturdays before the elections between noon and two and get experience talking with voters. Or, if you are experienced at tabling, you can sign up here  for a shift at a time of your choice. 

Knock on some doors

We have been contacting our neighbors who are inconsistent voters and encouraging them to vote on November 6th. You can sign up here for contacting your neighbors in Sarasota and Charlotte counties.