Actions And Updates For February and March


Tell Facebook: Don't Let Trump Back On

After the January 6th mob attack on the Capitol, Facebook suspended Trump's participation on the platform. Facebook's Oversight Board is now considering whether to end the ban and allow Trump to post again on Facebook. Monday morning is the deadline to tell them No! You can find a link to the public comment form and suggested scripts in this bulletin from Indivisible East Bay (in California).

Wave Signs For Alice White

Alice White, a member of our group, is running in a special election for the North Port City Commission (District 1). The election is March 9th. She invites us all to join her waving "Elect Alice White for North Port City Commissioner" campaign signs on Saturdays from 11:00 AM to Noon in North Port at the intersection of the Cocoplum Shopping Center and U.S. 41. More information: (941) 468-2486.

Donate to Alice's campaign here. Visit her Facebook page here. You can read the Sun's interview with Alice here.

Interesting Reads

* The New York Times has published an "Extremely Detailed" map comparing the 2020 election results to those in 2016. The map shows that in every local precinct we made progress by whittling down Trump's percentage of the 2020 vote. Note: unless you view the map on a computer, you will probably not be able to see the numbers.

* Resistance Disconnect: How Indivisible’s national advocates and grassroots volunteers have pulled apart—and what could happen instead, is a thorough look at Indivisible's national office by Theda Skocpol and Caroline Tervo in The American Prospect. The issues they highlight are the very same issues that prompted our group to dissociate with the national office.