Yard Signs Are Here! So Are Car Magnets!

Candidates' yard signs can be delivered to you!


Englewood Indivisible has candidates' yard signs for a number of the candidates we support from school board candidates running in the August 18th election to Joe Biden at the top of the November ticket.

Can you help inspire neighborhood voting by putting a sign in your yard? If so, please email EnglewoodIndivisible@gmail.com with your address and your phone number. Someone will contact you to set up delivery.

Currently we have signs for Sarasota County School Board candidates Tom Edwards and David Graham. Their final election is the August 18th primary and they are running against candidates who support charter schools. We also have signs for Alice White, running for Sarasota County Commission District 5 and David Jones, running for Florida State House District 75. We also have signs for Joe Biden. 

Please note that Biden signs are $10 -- our cost to purchase them from the campaign.

Car magnets available too

We have magnets with the following messages (see photo below):

  • Biden Best for US
  • Bye Don!
  • 8645 and 8645 11-3-20

We have used some of our left-over magnet paper from the farmers market to make these car magnets. These are free! Request one or two for yourself and a few more if you have friends who would use them. If anyone insists on making a donation, we will use that money to donate to our local candidates.