RESCHEDULED: Meet Candidate Alice White At Englewood Indivisible's June 9th Online Meeting

Alice White is a candidate for Sarasota County Commission and a member of Englewood Indivisible


Englewood Indivisible's June 9th meeting, on Tuesday June 9th at 7:00 PM, will be focused on the candidacy of Alice White, a member of our group who is running for Sarasota County Commissioner in District 5. Alice will join our online meeting and we'll talk about her campaign and her ideas for Sarasota County.

Members who live in Charlotte County are encouraged to attend the meeting and get involved in Alice's campaign.

To join the Zoom meeting, click on this link:

There are additional connection options here.

Alice White, a retired teacher and founder and chair of People for Trees, has a long history of volunteering in North Port. Attesting to her community links, she qualified for the ballot with petitions just before social distancing commenced. To volunteer for her campaign, email her at

White, a Democrat, will be running in Sarasota County's first single-member-district election in District 5, which takes in Englewood and North Port.  The shift from county-wide elections was won by a ballot measure that many of us worked on. It gives Democrats a chance to win a seat on the Commission -- which they have not had for many years. 

Please join us at our meeting and find out what we can do to elect Alice White to the County Commission!