New Visiblity Actions Replace Canceled Weekly Visibility Actions

Holding signs on Tuesdays at 4:30 canceled because of harassment


We regret to announce the suspension of these actions due to harassment by aggressive, thuggish Trump supporters. Unlike traditional Republicans, these rude Republican representatives invaded our members' space and kept up loud abusive name-calling. 

We will now organize these visibility actions in private. If you want to participate in our theme-based visibility events, you MUST SIGN UP by completing the following form (PLEASE supply a text-capable phone number if possible):

We will confirm your acceptance with an email, which you must read and a text message to confirm accuracy of our information. Thereafter, you will receive communications about specific event themes, dates, times, and locations -- which will vary.

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Please join us holding up signs about the week's most pressing political issue every Tuesday at 4:30 PM at the intersection of Jacaranda Blvd. and US Route 41 (the Walmart corner). Bring your theme-related signs and your American flags; wear your Indivisible shirts.

To learn each week's theme sign up for email updates from Indivisible Venice at or Englewood Indivisible here on our website. For text notifications, text "Visibilities" to 33-222. You can also find information on the week's theme at or

Sign ideas are here.

Indivisible Venice and Englewood Indivisible are sponsoring these actions in an effort to encourage motorists to think about our topic of the week and in hopes that like-minded folks will see they are not alone and, perhaps, come join us.