New Petition Forms For Medicaid Expansion And Ban On Assault Weapons Required By New Law

Please Download New Forms Here For Signature Gathering


A new state law requires volunteer petition circulators to use a new form designed specifically for volunteers. You can download the new forms for the Medicaid Expansion petition and the petition to Ban Assault Weapons at the end of this post.

The new petitions are one-page, single-sided, making them simple to print and copy. The language of the amendments they seek to put on the 2020 ballot is now in separate documents. Those are at the end of this post, too, and it is recommended that you keep them with you when you are gathering signatures. 

Another part of the new state law requires petitions to be turned in within 30 days of being signed. So please bring your completed petitions to any Englewood Indivisible gathering. Check your email newsletter or the calendar on this website for times and places of meetings, social gatherings and actions. If you are unable to deliver the petitions, please email us at to arrange for pickup.

In Sarasota, please take completed petitions to Fogartyville, 525 Kumquat Ct, Sarasota, FL 34236.

This law was aimed at making it more difficult to qualify ballot measures by petition -- the only means Florida citizens have to affect rule in our one-party state. But these measures would bring important changes to people's lives, so they're worth the extra work.

The Medicaid expansion amendment would extend health coverage to adults who earn too little to purchase "Obamacare" on the health exchange. Expanding Medicaid to cover low-income adults can be expected to save taxpayer funds and increase state revenue, according to a Florida Policy Institute study.

The assault weapons ban would remove repeat-firing military-style weapons and large-capacity ammunition clips from our communities.

Here are some pointers for circulating the petition:

  • All petitions must be filled out by voters who are registered in the state of Florida. If you talk to someone who is not registered to vote, but is eligible, direct them to online voter registration:
  • All petitions must be filled out in blue or black ink
  • All petitions should be checked to ensure that all information is filled out, and that the information is legible 
  • Ripped, damaged, or illegible petitions are not accepted by the Supervisor of Election 

Please recycle any of the old two-sided petitions you still have.

  • New Medicaid Expansion Petition

  • New Petition to Ban Assault Weapons

  • Full text of the Amendment to Expand Medicaid

  • Full text of the Amendment to Ban Assault Weapons