Protest of Trumped-up Emergency Draws Motorists' Support In Punta Gorda

Englewood Indivisible Delivers Petitions to Congressman Greg Steube


Punta Gorda FL - February 19 2019: One hundred protesters lined the sidewalks of Olympia Street at Taylor outside the Old Courthouse this morning, raising alarm about the state of emergency declared last Friday by President Trump.

Area residents were prompted to join the protest by concern that the “Trumped-up emergency” is an assault on our Constitution’s system of checks and balances. Englewood Indivisible and Indivisible Action Southwest Florida led the protest.

Motorists honked approval of the protesters' signs, which found numerous ways to debunk the "emergency" as an end-run around Congress. Some signs opposed the border wall for which Trump declared the emergency after Congress denied it funding.

Two people in a jeep with a Trump flag and an aggressively used megaphone got almost as much news coverage as the hundred protesters.  

You can see photos of the protest here.

Englewood Indivisible Delivers Petitions to Rep. Steube

During the protest members of Englewood Indivisible delivered three petitions to Congressman Greg Steube to his office in the Old Courthouse. The three petitions, signed by hundreds of Englewood residents, call on Rep. Steube: to vote for measures to mitigate red tide;  to vote for common-sense gun legislation; to tell President Trump to stop calling the media “the enemy of the people.” A copy of the cover letter delivered with the petitions can be seen here.

It was disappointing that Congressman Steube issued a statement to the Sun newspapers in support of the wall. His statement repeated Trump's false claim connecting a border wall with stopping drugs coming into the country. Drugs come mainly through the legal ports of entry. 


  • Presenting petitions to Congressman Steube at his office in the Old Courthouse

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