Start a Conversation

It's time for Conversation, and It's time for Action--Resist the Urge to do Nothing !!


In view of recent guilty pleas and the fact that Donald Trump has been implicated of felony charge, electing Democrats to congress becomes more vital to our cause.  We need for everyone to fully participate in the election process.  That includes people in your neighborhood.  

It's vital that folks understand the importance of their vote.  And its equally important to make sure the voters are well infomed about the issues that they care about, that effects their lives the most.  So how do we do that?

  • We find out what issues are most important to our neighbors
  • We develop a relationship of communication with voters around us
  • We bring issue related information back to those folks
  • We encourage them to participate in our democracy, and we remind them what they have to do and when

The Neighborhood Leader Program is our vehicle for informing voters on the issues that they care about the most.  Please join this motivated group of volunteers.  Especially if you live in a gated community, consider getting involved as a neighborhood leader or support person. Neighborhood Leaders listen to voters, find out  what specific issues they personally care about, then help them become informed.  This is a customized approach.  It is not traditional canvassing, but rather conversations that take place over time with neighbors and friends.  We will need both Leaders and support people to make this innovative yet proven approach effective. If you want to help please contact Kathryn Anderson at

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