Do Effective State Legislative Advocacy With UUJusticeFlorida

Target and focus your calls, letters and visits to state reprepresentatives


As the Florida State Legislature's 2022 session gets underway, Englewood Indivisible is teaming up with Unitarian Universalist Justice Florida (UUJusticeFlorida) so our members can maximize the effect of their advocacy with their state representatives. Sign up here to get action alerts.

This will be the fourth year that our Indivisible group and others around the state have partnered with UUJusticeFlorida -- a relationship in which we are clearly the junior partners, taking advantage of UUJusticeFlorida's expertise in every aspect of legislative advocacy. Most notably, UUJusticeFlorida tracks bills of particular interest and sends email alerts to participants whose representatives or senators are on committees hearing those bills.

But before the committees meet and session even begins, UUJusticeFlorida provides step-by-step guidance for preparations that include scheduling virtually office visits with elected representatives. (Because it currently lacks campaign leadership, Englewood Indivisible is leaving it up to individuals to plan visits.)

Toward the end of session (at least pre-Covid), UUJusticeFlorida organizes a big, visible group visit to Tallahassee, where participants have meetings with their representatives and senators. The accompanying photo is from January 2020, just before Covid.

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