Florida Did Not Flip

We tried our hardest...


Although ballots are still being counted in some states, Florida is lost to a Republican who has brought shame on our country and let a pandemic rage among us. This despite all our hard work.

Deep thanks and gratitude to our wonderful candidates for their tireless work and energetic campaigns: Allen Ellison, Katherine Norman, Lisa Stortstrom, Dave Jones, Alice White and Tony Dunbar. 

Regardless of the losses Florida voters inflicted on Joe Biden and our candidates -- clearly better qualified, every one -- our hard work has not been for nothing. Yes, Florida is redder in 2020 than it was in 2016. But an important part of our work endures: our 700 Englewood Indivisible members have helped to change the local culture. Think of all the yard signs we displayed in 2020 compared to 2016: hundreds!

And something else we did not have in the wake of 2016's debacle that we have now: We have each other.

Jane, Sherry and Sue

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