Get Up And Running With Zoom Video Meetings

Zoom video meetings will keep us connected while social distancing


Englewood Indivisible has moved all its in-person gatherings to Zoom.

Zoom is a video-conferencing app that most people find easy and enjoyable to use. It works on your smart phone, most tablets, and your computer. We recommend using a computer, as you can participate in the text chat as well as the online video meeting.

Here's a video showing you how to join a Zoom meeting. The app installs automatically the first time you use it. (If it asks you to save the install file, please do so.) 

If you plan to use a smart phone or a tablet, go to the App Store for your device and get the free app "Zoom Cloud Meetings." Install the app, then click the link you got for the meeting.

If you have trouble, you can dial in with one of the phone numbers listed for the meeting.

Or you can get into the weeds and follow this tutorial, which will show you how to try to run Zoom in a browser.

April 5th: Responding to concerns about its security, Zoom has begun requiring passwords for all its meetings. If you are clicking the link to join online, the password is in the link. Otherwise, the password is given with the connection information so you can input it.

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