Huge Turnout In Venice To Support Impeachment

Indivisibles and community activists rally on December 17th


An estimated 700 people came out in Venice on December 17th, to support the impeachment and removal from office of President Trump. The rally was organized by Indivisible Venice, Indivisible Action Southwest Florida and Englewood Indivisible, and was one of more than 600 rallies nationwide sponsored by under the hastag #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw. The turnout was all the more remarkable because the date, the eve of the House of Representatives' vote on two articles of impeachment against President Trump, was only known a few days in advance.

Earlier in the day, a few Trumpers spread out their yard signs at two of the corners of the intersection of U.S. Route 41 and Jacaranda Boulevard, where we planned to hold our signs and flags. The Trumpers stood near the corner holding signs. We assembled our earliest arrivals -- about a hundred -- in the parking lot and then walked past the Trumpers and crossed the street. By the time the rally was supposed to start, wave after wave of ralliers began crossing the street with every light change.

Soon we were a huge crowd standing on the southeast corner of U.S. 41, cheering loudly as more pro-impeachment protesters -- signs in hand -- made their way toward us across the busy road. The Trump folks were totally overwhelmed by our numbers. Ultimately, we had all four corners of the intersection and the Trump crew had gone home to catch up with Fox News.

You can see photos from the event here. Videos are here.  

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