Englewood Celebrates "Peace Lady" Jean Ranallo


Jean Ranallo has held up a peace sign on SR 776 and West Dearborn Street every weekend for 19, going on 20, years. So Saturday December 7th, Englewood Indivisible and the Englewood Democratic Club, along with two of Ranallo's original peace vigilers, organized a day to honor her. 

About 40 people participated in a "Honk for Peace" on all four corners of SR 776 and West Dearborn Street, holding signs created by members of an art class led by Rosemary Hagen, one of Ranallo's original peace vigilers, and also some signs from our Woodstock-themed entry in the Pioneer Days parade. Motorists honked and gave thumbs up enthusiastically. 

The celebration then moved to the Elsie Quirk Library, where Hagen presented Ranallo with a print by French artist Fernand Leger, depicting doves nesting in the remains of what looks like a cannon. Hagen, who proposed the events honoring Ranallo, spoke about the early days of the vigil. Dick Nelson, another original vigiler, also spoke, remembering the motorists "with thumbs up, or thumbs down, and sometimes a finger up." 

Ranallo also spoke about the early days of the Honks for Peace and her travels and work abroad.

The Englewood Democratic Club presented Ranallo with a small peace pole, a gift from the Venice Peace Project.  Englewood Indivisible gave Ranallo a card containing a "very mini MacArthur genius grant" in recognition of her work.

The Englewood Sun reported on the Honk for Peace. There are additional photos of the day here.

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