We Are Englewood Indivisible!

We are a multi-partisan group of more than 700 residents. We organized in 2017 to resist the Trump agenda and fought to defend our social programs, especially healthcare, and our democracy. We also worked hard in the 2018 and 2020 elections, making Trump a one-term president. 

Englewood Indivisible members live throughout all of Englewood in both Sarasota and Charlotte counties, as well as Placida, Rotonda West, North Port, the Gulf Coves and nearby Port Charlotte. We invite you to join us as we reach out to the community, campaign for change, and enjoy socializing together. We are working and connecting virtually now, but look forward to resuming our coffee hours, happy hours and dinners in a post-Covid future. Englewood Indivisible is one of the hundreds of Indivisible groups that sprang up around the country after the 2016 election. We are affiliated with the Indivisible Florida Network and Swing Left.

November 8th Ballot Recommendations

Although our group is no longer functioning, two of the leaders briefly emerged out of retirement to put together these ballot recommendations for Charlotte and Sarasota Counties.

If you want to do more than vote: Long term, we encourage you to join the Englewood Democratic Club which operates in both counties. You can see their latest email newsletter here.

To help Democrats during the election, in Charlotte County call Linda at 814-282-0871 or email her at ldemerit@allegheny.edu. In Sarasota County, click here to sign up for weekend canvassing, click here to phone Democratic voters from home, and click here to greet voters at polling places.

Races on All Ballots

US Senate: Val Demings has been a strong Representative for Orlando area and has a great resume.

US House of Representatives District 17: Andrea Doria Kale

Governor: Charlie Crist

Attorney General: Aramis Ayala

Chief Financial Officer: Adam Hattersley

Commissioner of Agriculture: Naomi Blemur

Supreme Court Justice Retentions:   NO for all justices.

Englewood Water District Seat 5: Dennis Pinkiewicz, who is qualified to serve in this role, due to educational background and prior comparable experience in coastal NJ.

The Constitutional Amendments

There are conflicting recommendations on the three amendments on the ballot. The Charlotte County Democrats suggest  NO on 1 YES on 2, YES on 3). The Sarasota County Democrats differ: they recommend NO on 1, No Recommendation on 2, and NO on 3. This morning the Sun newspaper recommended YES on 1, NO on 2, and NO on 3.

For 1, Democrats in both counties seem to think it would mostly benefit wealthy home owners who invest money in making their homes on the water more resilient. But the paper feels it would benefit all and not just the wealthy are spending money to harden their homes against flooding.   We're leaning toward yes, but it's iffy

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Sarasota County Voters Overwhelmingly Choose Single Member Districts

Despite a big vote for single-member Commission districts in Sarasota County  2018 election, County Commissioners placed a deceptive measure to repeal single-member districts on the March 8, 2022 1-mil School referendum ballot.

On March 8th, despite huge spending by Republican-linked shady-money PACs, on Tuesday, March 8th, county voters rebuked the Republican commissioners and voted to keep single-member districts by 56,868 to 42,523, a stunning 57% to 42% victory -- perhaps even sufficient to keep the commissioners from further attempts to manipulate elections.

Kudos to the Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections and Citizens for District Power, which led the winning campaign.

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