Upcoming Events and Calls to Action

RESCHEDULED: Meet Candidate Alice White At Englewood Indivisible's June 9th Online Meeting


Englewood Indivisible's June 9th meeting, on Tuesday June 9th at 7:00 PM, will be focused on the candidacy of Alice White, a member of our group who is running for Sarasota County Commissioner in District 5. Alice will join our online meeting and we'll talk about her campaign and her ideas for Sarasota County.

Members who live in Charlotte County are encouraged to attend the meeting and get involved in Alice's campaign.

To join the Zoom meeting, click on this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86154312024?pwd=dlJoNkhjcUhUOWMrRmtLRU5iVTlaUT09.

There are additional connection options here.

Alice White, a retired teacher and founder and chair of People for Trees, has a long history of volunteering in North Port. Attesting to her community links, she qualified for the ballot with petitions just before social distancing commenced. To volunteer for her campaign, email her at treelady12001@yahoo.com

White, a Democrat, will be running in Sarasota County's first single-member-district election in District 5, which takes in Englewood and North Port.  The shift from county-wide elections was won by a ballot measure that many of us worked on. It gives Democrats a chance to win a seat on the Commission -- which they have not had for many years. 

Please join us at our meeting and find out what we can do to elect Alice White to the County Commission!

Opportunities To Help Hard-Hit Members Of Our Community


At our March and April virtual meetings, we discussed what we can do to help those in our community who have been slammed by the shut-down of the economy to facilitate social distancing. 

Here are a number of opportunities close to home to help those hit by the economic crisis -- and to put a stimulus check you may not need to a very good use.

  • A one-time opportunity to make matched donations to numerous local charities is the 24-hour 2020 Giving Challenge. The challenge will run from noon on Tuesday April 28th to noon on Wednesday April 29th. Charities raising money during the challenge that we discussed at our meeting were Family Promise of South Sarasota County and the Charlotte County Homeless Coalition. Family Promise, which works with Englewood churches to support homeless and vulnerable families, has lined up additional matches.
  • If you've canceled with your hairdresser or house cleaner, please consider paying them anyhow.
  • In Charlotte County, you can help support residents who are suddenly without a paycheck by making a matched donation to the Charlotte County Community Foundation. For information, call 941-637-0077.
  • In Sarasota County, the annual Season of Sharing (the Herald Tribune and the Community Foundation of Sarasota County) is once again collecting to assist with rental needs, child care, utility bills and other expenses. Online donations can be made here. Call 941-556-3000 for more information.
  • United Way of South Sarasota County has establshed a Coronavirus Recovery and Relief Fund. Donate to this fund here. Checks can be mailed to United Way of South Sarasota County at 157 S. Havana Road, Venice, FL 34292. For info contact Barbara Cruz at 941-484-4811 or barbara@uwssc.com.
  • Write a check to Englewood Meals On Wheels and send it to Englewood Meals on Wheels, PO Box 782, Englewood FL 34295.

No-contact Voter Contact Opportunities To Help Defeat Trump In November


With visits to voters likely impossible into the fall, Englewood Indivisible has been working with the Charlotte and Sarasota County Democrats to offer opportunities for our members to contribute to Trump's defeat in Florida next November. 

Sarasota County Opportunities

Neighbor To Neighbor: In Sarasota County, you can join the new Neighbor To Neighbor (N2N) program, which ensures social distancing and still makes it possible  to connect with our voting neighbors. N2N is almost exactly like the Neighborhood Leader program Englewood Indivisible has been using. Volunteers in both programs select a group of anti-Trump voters in their neighborhoods and contact those voters several times between now and the election, making sure they vote. 

Volunteers get names and contact information for all the voters in their neighborhoods and can select Democrats, independents, and even (selectively) Republicans as "their" voters. They can contact these voters by phone, email or postcard. Scripts and coaching are available. The current script starts out with a wellness check, and we have a list of resources for voters in need; anti-Trump voters are encouraged to sign up for Vote By Mail.  To join N2N, email EnglewoodIndivisible@gmail.com

Remote Phone Bank: Join an effort underway to call the 20,000 Sarasota County Democrats who have not signed up for Vote By Mail. Vote-by-mail turnout has far surpassed in-person voting and that will be especially true this year. Training and lists are provided. To get started, contact Aimee Rusman, aimeerusman@hotmail.com

Opportunities in Charlotte County

No-contact Voter Contact: In Charlotte County, volunteers are needed to contact Democratic and independent Englewood area voters remotely and get them signed up for Vote By Mail. Volunteers are trained (remotely) before getting started. To get involved, email Linda DeMeritt at ldemerit@allegheny.edu

Data Entry: A few data-entry volunteers are needed to help input voter contact information for the Charlotte County Dems. To volunteer, email Linda DeMeritt at ldemerit@allegheny.edu.