Upcoming Events and Calls to Action

Opportunities To Help Hard-Hit Members Of Our Community


At our virtual meeting on Saturday March 28th, we discussed what we can do to help those in our community who have been slammed by the shut-down of the economy to facilitate social distancing.

Here are several opportunities close to home to help those hit by the economic crisis.

  • First, if you've canceled with your hairdresser or house cleaner, please consider paying them anyhow.
  • In Charlotte County, you can help support residents who are suddenly without a paycheck by making a matched donation to the Charlotte County Community Foundation. For information, call 941-637-0077.
  • In Sarasota County, the annual Season of Sharing (the Herald Tribune and the Community Foundation of Sarasota County) is once again collecting to assist with rental needs, child care, utility bills and other expenses. Online donations can be made here. Call 941-556-3000 for more information.
  • United Way of South Sarasota County has establshed a Coronavirus Recovery and Relief Fund. Donate to this fund here. Checks can be mailed to United Way of South Sarasota County at 157 S. Havana Road, Venice, FL 34292. For info contact Barbara Cruz at 941-484-4811 or barbara@uwssc.com.
  • Write a check to Englewood Meals On Wheels and send it to Englewood Meals on Wheels, PO Box 782, Englewood FL 34295.

New Visiblity Actions Replace Canceled Weekly Visibility Actions


We regret to announce the suspension of these actions due to harassment by aggressive, thuggish Trump supporters. Unlike traditional Republicans, these rude Republican representatives invaded our members' space and kept up loud abusive name-calling. 

We will now organize these visibility actions in private. If you want to participate in our theme-based visibility events, you MUST SIGN UP by completing the following form (PLEASE supply a text-capable phone number if possible): http://bit.ly/39qwhZK

We will confirm your acceptance with an email, which you must read and a text message to confirm accuracy of our information. Thereafter, you will receive communications about specific event themes, dates, times, and locations -- which will vary.

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Please join us holding up signs about the week's most pressing political issue every Tuesday at 4:30 PM at the intersection of Jacaranda Blvd. and US Route 41 (the Walmart corner). Bring your theme-related signs and your American flags; wear your Indivisible shirts.

To learn each week's theme sign up for email updates from Indivisible Venice at IndivisibleVenice.com or Englewood Indivisible here on our website. For text notifications, text "Visibilities" to 33-222. You can also find information on the week's theme at EnglewoodIndivisible.org/Calendar or IndivisibleVenice.com/calendar.

Sign ideas are here.

Indivisible Venice and Englewood Indivisible are sponsoring these actions in an effort to encourage motorists to think about our topic of the week and in hopes that like-minded folks will see they are not alone and, perhaps, come join us.

Two Englewood Indivisible Members Run For Office


Alice White has filed to run for Sarasota County Commission in District 5 and David Jones has filed to run for Florida State House District 75. That House district is entirely within Charlotte County. Both White and Jones are Democrats.

Jones' and White's early declarations give Englewood Indivisible members in both counties candidates to promote as they knock on voters' doors. Additionally, Jones and White need our help to get their nominating petitions signed so they do not have to pay hefty filing fees.

Jones, who is running for the seat currently occupied by Mike Grant, is a retired Teamster, chair of the Englewood Democratic Club and active with the Charlotte Democrats Environmental Caucus. He needs to get 1,500 petitions signed by Charlotte County registered voters. You can download his petition below and volunteer to help on his campaign here. And you can make a donation here

White, a retired teacher and founder and chair of People for Trees, has a long history of volunteering in North Port. She needs 800 nominating petitions signed by Sarasota County voters. You can download and print her petition at the bottom of this post. To volunteer for her campaign, email her at treelady12001@yahoo.com

White will be running in Sarasota County's first single-member-district election.  The shift from county-wide elections was won by a ballot measure that many of us worked on. It gives Democrats a chance to win a seat on the Commission -- which they have not had for many years. 

Dave Jones spoke at our February 22nd meeting and Alice White will speak at our March 28th meeting. 

How To Defeat Trump in 2020? One vote at a time. Start now.


Florida elections are usually knife’s-edge close. Winner and loser are seldom more than one percent apart. A few hundred votes can mean the difference between winning and losing. And denying Trump Florida’s electoral college votes could mean the difference in 2020.

So Englewood Indivisible is starting to contact voters now. Our goal: to find every independent Englewood voter opposed to Trump and make sure they all cast a vote against him in November 2020. Please join us in this important effort. Click here to get started.

Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to visit voters registered as independents (known as NPAs in Florida for “No Party Affiliation”) and identify those who share our opposition to Trump. We will talk with them to understand what matters to them and make sure they are ready to vote. We will visit the same voters again several times before the November 2020 election.

We use the Neighborhood Leader model, where each of us establishes a relationship with a small number of households in our own neighborhoods. This model, where we take the time for in-depth conversations with voters, has been shown to be more effective in motivating people to vote than high-volume door knocking.

We provide all the training and coaching you need. We will never ask anyone to go out knocking on doors alone! (Of course, those who want to go alone are totally free to do so.) An experienced canvasser will go with beginners as many times as needed. Alternatively, we will help you team up with another canvasser so you can visit both of your lists together.

As you can see from the screenshots in this post, the Republicans are already organizing their grassroots campaign to re-elect Trump. We know from the news that Trump’s campaign is mobilizing his voters with hateful rallies, tweets and merchandise. We wouldn’t do that if we could.

But so much depends on what we will do. Please sign up here to make the difference in the 2020 election.