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We've all seen some wonderful videos, cartoons, memes and posts floating around the internet. Starting with our May 11th newsletter, Englewood Indivisible is sharing one of those amusing or incisive items that is just too good to let anyone miss.

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Week 4: Our fourth feature is Sarah Cooper lip-syncing Trump's medical discussion about using disinfectant and light to treat Covid-19.  

Week 3: Our third feature is a column by Carl Hiaasen, "Nothing says 'freedom' like a new bicep tattoo," that appeared May 24th in the Englewood Sun.

Week 2: Our second offering is With A Little Help From The Feds, by Founders Sing.

Week 1: Our first offering is Vote Him Away (The Liar Tweets Tonight). If you are among the 8 million who have already seen it, it's likely you won't mind enjoying it again! (It's built on the 1961 Weavers hit, Wimoweh.)