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Englewood Indivisible Posts Policy Positions


August 16, 2019 - Englewood Indivisible is posting policy positions on a range of the issues that will draw voters' focus as we move toward the 2020 elections. Written by a dozen of our group's most dedicated activists, the positions will be presented to group members at our August 17th meeting.

The policy positions will be available as a document to Englewood Indivisible members who canvass and engage voters at tables.

Englewood Indivisible Policy Positions

I. Introduction

As a diverse multi-partisan group, we have different issues that motivate us, and individual positions may vary on some topics.  However, we have consensus in our opposition to the current president’s policies and behaviors. As the present Republican Party frequently embraces these policies and behaviors, we often back Democratic candidates.  Yet, regardless of their party affiliation, we advocate for candidates who champion our positions. 

   II. Our Policy Positions

Healthcare:  We believe all Americans, including the self-employed, have the right to healthy lives and to affordable healthcare, regardless of pre-existing conditions. We support programs which extend health care benefits to more people, including:

  • Improving the Affordable Care Act and Medicare 
  • Expanding Medicaid coverage in Florida
  • A public healthcare option
  • Reduce prescription drug prices
  • Adequate and effective treatment of veterans in improved-quality VA institutions and prompt appointments, prescription refills, and disability claims processing.

Reproductive Rights.  We believe that abortion should be safe, legal and a rarity.   Even though some of us may be personally opposed to abortion, we nonetheless trust women with this difficult decision and believe the choice should be available. We also support:

  •  programs which provide health care and birth control for women
  • programs which support health care, education and a safe environment for infants and children.  
  • access to comprehensive age-appropriate sex education 

Environment:  We believe the government should take strong action to 

  • protect our air and water 
  • accept peer-supported scientific advice to mitigate climate change 
  • require the Environmental Protection Agency to vigorously enforce regulation of polluting industries
  • move toward using alternative energy sources such as solar and wind
  • oppose offshore drilling and fracking.  
  • endorse publicly owned drinking water, wastewater and utility agencies    

Immigration:  We do not endorse open borders. We support comprehensive immigration reform that addresses security issues from our land borders to entrance to the US via air or sea. 

We advocate legislation:

  •  to protect our borders 
  •  to provide for the fair and timely resolution of asylum claims
  •  to abolish family separations and holding of children in cages or "camps" or for-profit institutions
  • to give citizenship to the “Dreamers” brought to the US as children 
  • to provide a path to citizenship for undocumented residents   

July 4th Patriotic Sing-along On Dearborn


Joe Maxx Coffee Company and Englewood Indivisible put on a July 4th sing-along that was fun enough to become the First Annual Patriotic Sing-along. 

Led by Alice White on the patio of Joe Maxx Coffee on Dearborn Street, participants sang "This is My Country," "The Grand Old Flag," "Yankee Doodle Dandy," "America (My Country 'Tis Of The)," "America The Beautiful," and "This Land Is My Land."

Joe Maxx Coffee served up barbecue and drinks and holiday decorations. Englewood Indivisible thanks the staff for making the event a success!


Mothers Day Protests In Homestead And Englewood Call Attention to Child Imprisonment

Protests Also Took Place in St. Petersburg and Lehigh Acres


May 13 2019. Sixteen Indivisibles and fellow activists from Charlotte County and Venice went to Homestead yesterday to participate in a march protesting imprisonment of immigrant children there.

Meanwhile, in Englewood, 25 members of Englewood Indivisible held up signs protesting child detention in Homestead at the intersection of West Dearborn Street and Indiana Avenue (SR 776).

In St. Petersburg, over 200 activists from Indivisible FL-13, the ACLU and the Quakers held a protest and program that finished with a musical performance by Mexican children.

Lee OFA Indivisible held a protest in Lehigh Acres. All three actions got very positive response from passing mototirsts.

News media covered the march in Homestead and Englewood Indivisible's action. The Miami Herald reported on the action in Homestead. The Englewood and Charlotte Sun papers also reported on the action in Homestead, adding a photo of the local protest to their front-page story. SNN News, the Sarasota television station, reported on the protest in Englewood.

In Englewood, two motorists stopped, parked and asked for information about Homestead. They hadn't known children were confined there.

Despite the heat, Englewood participants were eager to repeat the protest.

There is a photo slideshow of the Englewood protest here.

UPDATED: DeSoto County Accepts Agreement On Zoning With Mosaic Mining

Big turnouts for Mosaic-DeSoto County hearings in Arcadia on April 3rd and 23rd


Opponents of Mosaic Fertilizer's plans to mine phosphate on 14,000 acres of rural DeSoto County filled the DeSoto County Commission's Boardroom in Arcadia for a second time on April 23rd.

For three hours, the commissioners heard testimony from local property owners, environmental experts and activists from DeSoto and neighboring counties. All but two of the speakers passionately urged the Commission to reject a proposed agreement that would allow Mosaic Mining Company to reopen a denied re-zoning proposal in 2023.

"No means no," repeated many who spoke, urging commissioners to reject the agreement and stand by its July 2018 refusal to allow Mosaic to rezone and mine 14,000 acres of agricultural land for phosphates. Residents of Hardee and Polk Counties spoke of the permanent destruction Mosaic's mining had done in their counties.

At the end of the testimony, the Commissioners quickly voted unanimously to accept the mediation agreement. Many opposed to that course of action worry that Mosaic will use that time to wear down the Commissioners' resistance. 

Englewood Indivisible has made the cause of preventing such destruction in DeSoto County its own and plans to work with local and regional opponents of the mining for as long as it takes. Twenty-two members of Englewood Indivisible were at the April 23rd hearing. 

On April 3rd, about 15 members of Englewood Indivisible were present in Arcadia when DeSoto County and Mosaic engaged in a formal dispute resolution session with a professional mediator. Under consideration was the County's proposal that Mosaic wait until 2023 and then begin anew its request to rezone 14,000 agricultural acres to mining. Mosaic ultimately accepted the proposal.

If permitted, the mining would allow Mosaic to pour millions of gallons of waste into Horse Creek which flows into the Peace River, a source of our drinking water. Mosaic would also cover huge tracts of a rezoned area with slightly radioactive clay byproduct, making the beautiful rural landscape a barren moonscape.

Last July, when the DeSoto County Commission denied Mosaic's zoning request. Mosaic countered with the request for the mediated dispute resolution.