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Post-election message to our members


November 10 2020. We’ve had a pretty stressful week and there has certainly been a lot to digest. But the sense of relief and joy at the sight of President-elect Biden speaking to the nation Saturday night was worth every sleepless night. Joy to the World! Nevertheless, we are still exhausted — and most of us have had our fill of pundits and alerts. But time is relentless and so plans for our tomorrows await us.

We have spent time thinking and talking about the future of Englewood Indivisible. Certainly, for many of us, this group has been the glue that kept us sane and the balm to soothe our fears for the last four years.

At this point, our plan is to keep our email list of 700-plus active and available for use as needed. But as most of us are ready for a needed break from the activism of Tallahassee visits, marches, sign holdings and polling-site greeting, we look to a future where we can just enjoy the comfort of spending time with like-minded neighbors. And we’re very thankful that we have all found so many like-thinkers in the confines of deep red Englewood.

So the plan right now is that we will have an occasional Zoom gathering —maybe once a month. And as soon as we are vaccinated and we really do “turn the corner,” we very much want to resume (start!) our planned dinners out. And perhaps we’ll see those coffee meet-ups or happy hours return in 2021. 

Our future emails will be via a new vendor, ActionNetwork. Please make sure that is in your contact list so our emails don’t go into your spam folder. We’ll email every month or so to let you know about Zoom meetings, plus whenever there’s a need to share information.

We’ll also post important information here on our website, We will be stopping our texting service soon, so if you have been relying on that to keep informed, please turn to one of the options above.

It’s time to lick our wounds, be thankful for our victories, and send appreciation out to all those who invested their hearts as well as their funds to restore decency to our country.

Happy Trails—because we will meet again: on Zoom, via email, and sometime in 2021, in person!

Thanks to all!

Jane, Sue, Sherry, Bonnie

Englewood Indivisible Posts Candidate Endorsements and Recommendations For November

Amendments and referenda recommendations also available


Englewood Indivisible has made recommendations for every office and item on the ballots that our members in Charlotte and Sarasota Counties will cast in the November 3rd election.

The complete list of endorsements and recommendations can be found here.

Our endorsements include

  • Joe Biden For President and Kamala Harris for Vice President
  • Allen Ellison for U.S. Congress District 17
  • Katherine Norman for State Senate District 23
  • Lisa Stortstrom for State House District 74
  • David Jones for State House District 75
  • Alice White for Sarasota County Commission District 5
  • Anthony "Tony" Dunbar for Charter Review Board District 5
  • Vicki Lynn Nighswander for Hospital Board Central 1

David Jones, Alice White and Tony Dunbar are members of Englewood Indivisible.

How to drop off your Vote By Mail ballot

Vote By Mail ballots may be dropped off at the Punta Gorda Courthouse,
226 Taylor Street, Punta Gorda, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through
Friday through Election Day. Due to covid, the West County (San Casa) election office is closed until the start of early voting on October 19th. There will be a drop box there when that facility opens for early voting on October 19th.

In Sarasota County there is a box for mail-in ballots inside the Supervisor of Elections office at the RL Anderson Building, 4000 Tamiami Trail S., Venice 34293. You can drop off your ballot securely between  8:30 am and 5:00 pm before October 19th. Between October 19th and November 1st, you can drop off your ballot during early voting hours, from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm daily.

New Newsletter Feature To Make Members Smile

See the current week's feature here


We've all seen some wonderful videos, cartoons, memes and posts floating around the internet. Starting with our May 11th newsletter, Englewood Indivisible is sharing one of those amusing or incisive items that is just too good to let anyone miss.

Please send your favorite recommendatons to!

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Week 24: This week's feature is "Preschool Apprentice" by Ryan Noah Pekari. We think you'll like it.

Week 23: This week's feature is "Scenes from Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings," a series of editorial cartoons by Ann Telnaes of the Washington Post.

Week 22: This week's feature is a short video by the Lincoln Project, "Covita".

Week 21: This week's feature is one cartoon, artist unidentified. Only one is necessary. See it here.

Week 20: This week's feature is our own compilation. You can see it here.

Week 19: This week's feature is a PSA entitled The Birds & The Bees. We all need to take 3 minutes to appreciate it!

Week 18: This week's feature is the Ojays LOVE TRAIN – The Virtual Biden-Harris Remix! Happy and hopeful music to speed your electoral work.

Week 17: This week's feature is KAMALA! A Randy Rainbow Song Parody.

Week 16: This week's feature is Like A Kidney Stone by Founders Sing, with cameos by Bob Dylan.

Week 15: This week's feature is Vote Him Away #2 (The Liar Tweets Tonight) by Roy Zimmerman and the ReZisters.

Week 14: This week's feature is Founders Sing's new feature: We Are The Worst!

Week 13: This week's feature will get you smiling – if wryly! It's Wake Up! by the Lincoln Project, a PAC founded by Republicans to prevent Trump's reelection.

Week 12: This week's feature to make you smile is a trio of short Sarah Cooper's "How To's:" How To Cognitive, How to person man woman camera tv, and How to mask.

Week 11: Have fun this week with Randy Rainbow's Cover Your Freakin' Face!

Week 10: This week's feature to make you smile won't have you roaring with
laughter, but you should definitely enjoy November, an offering by Founders Sing.

Judge Upholds Sarasota Commission Gerrymander. Candidate Petition Signatures Needed Fast!

May 11th deadline calls for immediate action!


On May 4th, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the Sarasota County Commission's rigged redistricting ahead of this November's election. Judge William Jung ruled that he found no evidence that the all-Republican Commission's move of the African American Newtown community into another district not scheduled to vote till 2022 was driven by "skin color rather than simple political gerrymandering and ‘hardball’ partisan incumbent protection.” 

The protected partisan is District 1 Commissioner Michael Moran -- and Citizens for Sarasota County has put out an urgent call for petition signatures to help qualify Mike Hutchinson for the ballot. Hutchinson, a Republican, has come forward to challenge Moran in the August primary. Citizens for Sarasota County is also urging petition signatures for Mark Pienkos, a Democrat who will run against the winner of the Republican primary. 

Urgent: Please download and sign both petitions hereYou will be able to email or mail them to the campaigns. The link also has petitions for newly declared school board candidates to sign.

Background: In 2018 a grassroots effort won a ballot measure for single-member districts in Sarasota County, which had assigned commissioners to districts but held voting at large. It was hoped that single-member districts would give Democrats their first change in 50 years to win a seat on the Commission. So the Republican commissioners redistricted, breaking up the one district considered possible to flip. The already declared candidate for that district, former Sarasota Mayor Fredd Atkins, was moved out of the district, along with the Newtown community. 

Atkins, with two co-plaintiffs, sued to overturn the gerrymander. While the lawsuit was pending, Atkins qualified to run for the seat.

Meanwhile, Pienkos began a petition drive to qualify in the event that the lawsuit did not succeed. Now Pienkos needs to finish collecting the required petitions or pay a $5,000 filing fee.  

These petitions need to be submitted on May 11th, so there is no time to lose. Thanks for helping!