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Englewood Indivisible Endorsements And Recommendations For The 2020 elections

Endorsements For The November 3rd General Election

We hope our endorsements and recommendations of candidates and ballot measures help you vote your entire ballot!

Charlotte and Sarasota Counties All Ballots

United States President
We endorse Joe Biden For President and Kamala Harris for Vice President.

Replacing Trump was – and is – our foundational principle.

United States Congress District 17

We endorse Allen Ellison, the Democratic Party candidate, who has a strong background in community organizing and policy development. Learn more about Ellison and his campaign on this Facebook page.

Florida State Senate District 23

We endorse Katherine Norman, an exciting young candidate who prioritizes the environment and transparency in state government. View her website.

Supreme Court Justice

We recommend a "No" vote on retaining Carlos Muniz, because all his experience was political rather than judicial. Before being nominated by Gov. Ron DeSantis in January, he served on the staff of Betsy DeVos, and before that he was chief of staff to then Attorney General Pam Bondi.

District Court of Appeal

We make no recommendation for the four judges facing retention elections: Drew Atkinson, Morris Silberman, Daniel Sleet and Andrea Teves Smith. For those who want to fine-tune their choice, a good source of information on these judges can be had by Googling "2020 Merit Retention Election" to find their biographies from the Florida Bar.

Constitutional Amendments 1 through 6

We recommend: NO on 1, 3 and 4; YES on 2, 5 and 6.

For more detail, see this Indivisible Florida Network analysis.

Charlotte County All Ballots

Florida State House District 75

We endorse David Jones, a retired Teamster shop steward with a long history of community service. He is president of the Englewood Democratic Club and a member of Englewood Indivisible. There are policy details and more on Dave Jones' website.

Clerk of the Circuit Court

We recommend Jeffery Rapkin, running as an independent against incumbent Roger Eaton. According to published reports, there were charges of sexual harassment against Eaton which were resolved through a settlement that included a confidentiality clause. The office reportedly settled three additional cases with confidentiality clauses.


We recommend C. Dale Ritchard Jr., an NPA with a police background. During the tenure of incumbent Bill Prummel, there have been deaths in the Charlotte County Jail. And Prummell has endorsed Trump.

Airport Authority

No recommendation.

Soil And Water Conservation District 4

We recommend Wendy G. White, a biology teacher with 20 years experience as an environmental scientist for government agencies.

One Percent Sales Tax Extension

YES! This is a major source of funding for our schools and they are in desperate need due to additional covid-related costs. Please vote Yes.

Sarasota County All Ballots

Florida State House District 74

We endorse Lisa Stortstorm, a retired teacher and environmental activist. She pledges to be a voice for all, especially unrepresented and marginalized people. A full biography and much more is available on Lisa Stortstrom's website.

State Attorney

We recommend Betsy Young

County Commission District 5

We endorse Alice White, a longtime community activist and environmental leader in North Port. She is running in Sarasota County's first single-member district election with an excellent chance to be the first Democrat on the County Commission in 50 years. White, a member of Englewood Indivisible, promises to be "the voice of environmental stewardship" on the board and to fight for sustainable growth. There are more details on her website.

Charter Review Board District 5

We endorse Anthony "Tony" Dunbar, a member of Englewood Indivisible and the Board of Directors of the Englewood Democratic Club. Tony is an activist and a leader among activists, currently working hard to elect the whole Democratic ticket.

Charter Review Board District Districts 1, 2, 3 and 4

We recommend: Walter L. Gilbert III, District 1 (2 year); Krista Lohr, District 1; Doreen Dupont, District 2; Mary Ellen Palermo, District 3; Wilson Pava, District 4.

Hospital Board Central District Seat 1

We endorse Vicki Lynn Nighswander, as we did in the primary. She had a 26-year career in public health, much of it in supervisory positions.

Hospital Board Recommendations For At-Large Positions

Everett "Bud" Weber, At Large 1

Laurie J. Kreindler, At Large 2

Finolia Idahosa, At Large 3

Sarasota Soil and Water

Sean Patton

County Special Referendum

We recommend a "No" vote; a company shouldn't need a tax incentive to invest in Sarasota County.

The August 18th Primary Elections

Ballots for the August 18th Primary Election are sparse in both Sarasota and Charlotte Counties, but both include school board races that are final (not primary) elections.

In Sarasota County our votes are critically important to maintain a majority dedicated to public schools, as opposed to private charter schools. Englewood Indivisible, together with other organizations that support public education, endorses David Graham and Tom Edwards for School Board.

Charlotte County August 18th Election Recommendations

Charlotte County All Ballots

Charlotte County School Board District 2: Englewood Indivisible strongly recommends incumbent Kim Amontree based on her past record on the board. Her challenger Joseph Williams declares himself a champion of arming teachers, rather than spending on a security system. He complains about spending for schools. And he wants to get rid of books he doesn’t like in our school libraries.

Note: This race is not a primary and it will appear on all Charlotte County ballots. Please be sure to vote for Kim Amontree. This is the only race on the Democratic ballot.

Charlotte County Republican Ballot

Airport Authority District 1: We cannot recommend either candidate for this race. Vanessa Oliver is the daughter of State Rep. Michael Grant (opposed by our member David Jones). Bob Star is a former Charlotte County Commissioner, a retired corporate executive and longtime Charlotte County Republican Party office-holder.

This is the only race on the Republican Ballot

Sarasota County August 18th Election Recommendations

Sarasota County All Ballots

Please note that these three contests are final

Sarasota County School Board District 2: Englewood Indivisible endorses David Graham. Graham, a Democrat backed by Sarasota County Democrats, currently works as an analyst for the school district. He strongly supports public schools and calls for an end to the partisan bickering that has divided the board in recent years. More here. His opponent Karen Rose is a Republican funded by the local political establishment.

Sarasota County School Board District 3: Englewood Indivisible endorses Tom Edwards, a retired businessman. His platform emphasizes the importance of protecting our public schools from privatization and the voucher system. His opponent, incumbent Eric Robinson, is often noted as a major player in the local Republican Party and in political funding that flows to Sarasota County candidates willing to allow unregulated development. Edwards is a Democrat and is backed by Sarasota County Democrats.

Sarasota County School Board Races are county-wide, non-partisan and final. That means that everyone votes for both District 2 and District 3. This is a very important election. Please vote for David Graham and Tom Edwards!

Sheriff: We cannot recommend either Paul Fern or Kurt Hoffman, the two candidates in this race. Fern's background and credentials are not sufficient for addressing racism in law enforcement and Hoffman is backed by the establishment that favors unhindered development in Sarasota County. Hoffman's treasurer is Joe Gruters who represents our 23rd district in the Florida Senate. We are not sure we can vote for either man.

Sarasota County Democratic Primary Ballot

Hospital Board Central District Seat 1: Both candidates for this seat, Vicki Lynn Nighswander and Steven Kleinglass are very qualified with impressive healthcare backgrounds. We recommend Vicki Lynn Nighswander because of her expertise in infectious disease control.

Sarasota County Republican Primary Ballot

State Attorney 12th Judicial Circuit: This race pits incumbent Ed Brodsky against Lisa Chittaro, a former prosecutor in his office. She accuses him of favoring a defendant. (Details here.) He has much more money and many more endorsements than she does, but she is a credible candidate whom many of our Republican members, reviewing Brodsky’s endorsements, will choose to vote for.

County Commission District 5: Two wealthy Trumpers, Ron Cutsinger and Christopher Hanks, both from North Port, are competing to face the Democratic candidate, Englewood Indivisible member Alice White. Because our members are committed to electing Alice we will only suggest that she might do better running against Cutsinger.

Charter Review Board Districts 1 and 2: We hope to have recommendations or at least comments on these races soon.

Hospital Board At Large Seat 1: We hope to have information on this race soon.