We Are Englewood Indivisible!

We are a multi-partisan group of more than 700 residents. We organized in 2017 to resist the Trump agenda and fought to defend our social programs, especially healthcare, and our democracy. We also worked hard in the 2018 and 2020 elections, making Trump a one-term president. 

Englewood Indivisible members live throughout all of Englewood in both Sarasota and Charlotte counties, as well as Placida, Rotonda West, North Port, the Gulf Coves and nearby Port Charlotte. We invite you to join us as we reach out to the community, campaign for change, and enjoy socializing together. We are working and connecting virtually now, but look forward to resuming our coffee hours, happy hours and dinners in a post-Covid future. Englewood Indivisible is one of the hundreds of Indivisible groups that sprang up around the country after the 2016 election. We are affiliated with the Indivisible Florida Network and Swing Left.

Sign Ballot Amendments To Protect Florida's Environment

An organization called FL5.org is circulating five ballot amendments to the Florida Constitution, all aimed at protecting Florida's environment. FL5.org is providing a simple online way for registered voters to sign all five amendments.

Some of our members are most excited about the amendment protecting the Right to Clean Water. It

Prohibits pollution of Florida’s waters by recognizing a right to clean water for all Floridians and Florida waters, including the Everglades, Florida Springs, the Indian River Lagoon, the St. Johns River, the Caloosahatchee River, Biscayne Bay, Tampa Bay, Pensacola Bay and all other waters within the state; provides for local lawmaking to protect clean water, and provides for enforcement and severability.

You can read all the petitions at FL5.org. The Right to Clean Water petition is here.

To access all five amendment petitions online, go to FL5.org and input your name and email address. The site will instantly email you all 5 petitions, ready for you to print, sign, date and mail. You can print, sign and mail one or all five.

Even better, our members working on the campaign will pick up your signed petitions and mail them for you. Just email EnglewoodIndivisble@gmail.com to request a pickup.

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Post-election message to our members

November 10 2020. We’ve had a pretty stressful week and there has certainly been a lot to digest. But the sense of relief and joy at the sight of President-elect Biden speaking to the nation Saturday night was worth every sleepless night. Joy to the World! Nevertheless, we are still exhausted — and most of us have had our fill of pundits and alerts. But time is relentless and so plans for our tomorrows await us.

We have spent time thinking and talking about the future of Englewood Indivisible. Certainly, for many of us, this group has been the glue that kept us sane and the balm to soothe our fears for the last four years.

At this point, our plan is to keep our email list of 700-plus active and available for use as needed. But as most of us are ready for a needed break from the activism of Tallahassee visits, marches, sign holdings and polling-site greeting, we look to a future where we can just enjoy the comfort of spending time with like-minded neighbors. And we’re very thankful that we have all found so many like-thinkers in the confines of deep red Englewood.

So the plan right now is that we will have an occasional Zoom gathering —maybe once a month. And as soon as we are vaccinated and we really do “turn the corner,” we very much want to resume (start!) our planned dinners out. And perhaps we’ll see those coffee meet-ups or happy hours return in 2021. 

Our future emails will be via a new vendor, ActionNetwork. Please make sure that EnglewoodIndivisible@gmail.com is in your contact list so our emails don’t go into your spam folder. We’ll email every month or so to let you know about Zoom meetings, plus whenever there’s a need to share information.

We’ll also post important information here on our website, EnglewoodIndivisible.org. We will be stopping our texting service soon, so if you have been relying on that to keep informed, please turn to one of the options above.

It’s time to lick our wounds, be thankful for our victories, and send appreciation out to all those who invested their hearts as well as their funds to restore decency to our country.

Happy Trails—because we will meet again: on Zoom, via email, and sometime in 2021, in person!

Thanks to all!

Jane, Sue, Sherry, Bonnie

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